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Pinsa romana

Free from preservatives - 100% artisanal

Our pinsa is passion, history and experience.

Our seared pinsa is highly hydrated, has maximum workability, characteristics which allow us to achieve an 80% hydration for a low-fat and low-calorie product..

Our pinsa is lighter, more fragrant, crispier, and above all more digestible.

  • Long leavening of minimum 24 hours
  • Dough is highly hydrated (80%)
  • Use of soybean flour
  • Use of sourdough
  • Low use of oil

The friability, digestibility and fragrance of Pinsa make it a unique product, crispy on the outside and soft inside.

Pinsa classic 20×30 cm 200 gr.
Ideal for sale to the public.

Pinsa XL maxi 20×34 cm 240 gr
Ideal for catering to the plate or for sale to the public